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PROMbassador Program


What is a PROMbassador?

Ambassadors share formal trends, fashion advice and store info to friends via social media and face to face interaction. It is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the fashion industry and the workings of a formalwear store.


This is not a beauty contest! We are looking for fun loving, social, outgoing girls that shine in their school and community and who love taking selfies and modeling. We will be choosing girls from local high schools to represent CTO Prom & Formal as a PROMbassador.


What are the Requirements?

     - Refer family and friends to CTO.

    - Volunteer a minimum of 5 weekday hours working in the shop producing social media photo and video content in CTO dresses.

     - Must share & tag CTO in 2 posts per week via 2 social media platforms and interact with our posts.

     - Model gowns and accessories from CTO to be used as advertising.


What are the Perks?

     - You’ll be invited to Exclusive “First Look” Events where you can shop from the new 2024 collections that arrive at our store. You’ll be the first to see!

     - Receive 30% off your prom dress including custom if all program requirements are fulfilled.

     - Chance to win a FREE Prom Dress (including custom).

     - Participate in a CTO Fashion Show.


How it Works?

The program is open to all senior high school girls. One senior will be selected per school. After the application period, we will schedule an interview. The 2024 PROMbassadors will be announced on January 1, 2024.


To determine the winner of the FREE Prom Dress we will post your photo on our social media and ask your family and friends to "vote" via likes/comments on your photo. The individuals with the most "votes", have successfully met all requirements for the program and have the most verified paid referrals will be crowned the winner of the FREE Dress! Having a strong social media presence is a huge plus!


Thanks for contacting us.

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